Retail Solutions - Tesco aims for simple site searches is preparing to upgrade the non-food domains on its Web site. The move aims to improve the navigation and search facilities on the pages that feature non-food products in an effort to convert more of the site's browsers into purchasers. has just completed an initial pilot in the site's wines section - an area in which customers traditionally browse before they buy.

The navigation system, designed around search specialist Endeca's InFront solution, gives customers more freedom to structure their searches using a process called dynamic browsing.

This technique takes users on a navigation path determined by their own priorities, rather than having to go through a laborious static branching architecture.

For example, instead of trawling through all the wine regions to find a bottle that falls within a certain price range, customers can specify how much they want to spend and the system will organise the site accordingly.

'We already have 50 per cent of the market share of wine bought over the Internet,' said chief technical officer Mike McNamara.

'We would expect to get even more repeat visits and expect the average basket size to increase as a result of adopting this system.'