Retail Solutions - Superdrug turns on Chip & PIN EFT software

Following a huge EPoS hardware upgrade announced in April, Superdrug has switched on its Chip and PIN Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) software.

The software, supplied by Mosaic - a global supplier of EFT software to Superdrug parent company AS Watson - handles all card transactions made through the retailer's PIN pads, provided by Ingenico, and interacts with its main PoS system from Retalix.

So far, Mosaic's Postilion EFT software has been installed in 350 Superdrug stores. Integration of the software will continue until all 700 of the retailer's stores are compliant. The project is due for completion by January 2005.

The Posilion solution will also be used for value-added services, such as mobile prepay top-up cards.

'Postilion is a core element of Superdrug's Chip and PIN compliance programme,' said AS Watson programme manager Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen.

'Superdrug serves more than 4.5 million customers a week in the UK. As such, we needed a reliable solutions had the flexibility to support multiple card acquirers and would integrate easily with our established PoS system.

'Postilion's functionality and scalability means we are confident that it will support our endeavours to offer new and better services.'