Retail Solutions - Argos kiosk trial boosts sales and slashes queues

Catalogue chain Argos has seen a healthy rise in sales following the roll-out of a kiosk pilot to 600 stores.

The company has just finished the first phase in a kiosk implementation intended to reduce queues. About half of its stores have been fitted with kiosks that allow customers to browse the Argos catalogue via the Web and order goods. Purchases can then be collected at shoppers' convenience.

The retailer chose to test the kiosks in its most-visited stores, which have the highest need for queue-busting technology. Argos is reviewing the roll-out to decide whether the trial will be extended to other outlets. However, company sources said that participating stores have seen an incremental rise in sales, with an average increase of 1.5 per cent.

Retail consultancy Severn was drafted in to assist with the kiosk implementation.