Retail Decisions helps on processing

E-tailer is to improve online payment processing with the use of LiveProcessor from Retail Decisions.

It is seeking to handle more than 10,000 transactions a day.

The system integrates real-time authorisation, processing and settlement with existing order processing and e-commerce functions. There are around 80 installations in the US that process 10 million cardholder-not-present transactions each month. offers more than 1.5 million products via its Internet Superstore.

Cardholder-not-present fraud - which cost e-tailers around£30 million last year - is an increasing problem that has driven a spate of new IT solutions in recent months.

Verified by Visa was launched in March and its latest offerings include ClearCommerce Engine 5.0, which integrates real-world and online transaction processing to consolidate reporting.

The system supports the new American Express address verification method, which confirms that the ship-to address matches the name on the card and guarantees retailers against charge-backs for goods shipped to a verified address.