Retail Week’s ranking of the industry’s top 100 most influential individuals

What does it mean to be a retail leader in 2020?

In an environment that has tested retail chiefs like no other, Retail 100, our highly anticipated annual ranking of the sector’s leaders, seeks to answer that question.

We bring to the fore those leaders who have prioritised people and purpose, and who have innovated, collaborated and operated with agility to meet unprecedented challenges.

In recognition of the extraordinary circumstances the sector finds itself in, this year’s ranking has placed special emphasis on leaders acting decisively and creatively in the face of the pandemic.

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You’ll uncover:

  • Retail’s most influential leaders ranked from one to 100
  • Why leaders from food and grocery dominate the top 30 – and which grocer has taken the top spot
  • Why purpose, agility and increased diversity characterise this year’s list
  • The 23 most significant women in retail today
  • Eight ones to watch set to make waves over the coming year
  • The highest risers and fallers in the Retail 100 ranking – and what makes them so