Non-executive chairman
New Look

There have been significant changes of the guard at New Look this year, with Wrigley moving to chairman and more recently shedding his executive duties.

Despite hanging up his executive gloves, the redoubtable Wrigley is yet to fully hand over the reins of the retailer - that he has steered so successfully - to the management team he has nurtured.

When he does step back, Wrigley is unlikely to rest on his laurels. His opinions on broader retail industry concerns are well respected. He was integral to the teaming up of the “three Phils” - the other components being Sir Philip Green and Lord Harris - in broaching the thorny subject of the landlord and retailer relationship.

He plans to spend more of his time concentrating on the issues that affect the wider industry as he focuses his concerns on the double-digit increases to business rates set to hit retailers in 2010.