He was the first man to really pioneer the art of online retailing and one of the leading innovators in the digital books arena. But now, Jeff Bezos has set his sights beyond cyberspace and is now branching out into the real thing.

With his Blue Origin business, Bezos is hoping to send tourists into solar space within the next few years. He could be forgiven for not wanting to risk air travel at all after a narrow escape from a helicopter crash in 2003, but nothing seems to faze Bezos. Amazon continues to move into all sorts of retail sectors, with shoes next and persistentrumours of a grocery launch.

The Kindle, the e-reader technology that Bezos developed, is now flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves in the US and is expected to be equally popular here when it finally
launches on its UK site. At only 45 years old, the founder of the online retailer that everyone wants to emulate has a plenty more time to continue leading business innovations and setting the online pace.