Kingfisher has published its gender pay gap across its UK fascias, revealing the lowest disparity of any major retailer to date across all measures.

The DIY group revealed that it’s median gender pay gap stood at 2.5%, while its mean pay disparity was 9.6%.

The retail group’s pay disparity is the market leader so far and is comfortably ahead of the averages for UK businesses, which stand at an 18.4% median pay gap and the mean pay gap of 17.4%.

Kingfisher’s primary UK retailer B&Q recorded a 2% median pay disparity, while mean stood at 8.8%.

Stablemate Screwfix’s pay gap stood at 5.7% of a median basis and 7.1% on a mean basis.

The retail group’s corporate head office had a 31.1% median gender pay gap and a 17.8% mean disparity, while its IT service arm recorded 17.4% and 16.9% median and mean pay gaps respectively.

The retailer, which is one of the few FTSE 100 businesses to be helmed by a woman, said it planned to roll out a raft of measures to shorten its gender pay gap including more flexible working hours for senior staff and reviewing its parental benefits scheme.

Kingfisher’s chief people officer Alastair Robertson said: “At Kingfisher, we are committed to being a fair and diverse employer and we are confident that we have the right reward processes in place to enable us to pay people fairly, irrespective of gender.

“We are proud of our strong representation of women at the most senior levels of our business but recognise that we have more to do.

“We have a clear plan in place to make sure we have better representation at all levels of our workforce, promote fairer hiring practices and improve career opportunities for all our colleagues.”