PC World has embarked on a search for a director of robotics in an effort to accelerate sales from cutting-edge products.

The director of robotics will be responsible for sourcing and expanding the range of robots on sale at the retailer, following visits by senior buyers to trade shows and supplier factories.

PC World HR director Paul Mitford said: “Sales figures for robotic devices at PC World at Christmas exceeded our expectations and we are keen to expand the range we sell.”

The most popular robot over the festive period was the Robosapien RS Media, which can be programmed to respond to sound, light and touch.

Mitford said: “While there are no concrete plans yet to introduce specific categories, we are working with a number of manufacturers to determine what robotic devices will be most relevant to consumers in the future. Once appointed, our director of robotics will be responsible for selecting and developing the categories we introduce.”

The role is at PC World, but Mitford said: “We share expertise across the group.” A time frame for the appointment is unclear.

Mitford said: “The days of these devices taking halting steps across the carpet on Christmas day are coming to an end. Developments in microelectronics, the internet and audio visual technology are creating devices that have thousands of times more processing power than the Apollo lunar lander.”