Warehouse is the latest retailer to turn publisher with its new content platform which will give customers a reason to visit its website more regularly.

Warehouse became the latest retailer to branch into publishing by launching ‘Tales of the City’, a digital content platform and bi-annual magazine targeted for “modern urban woman”, according to the retailer’s brand director Paula Stewart.

The content, found on www.warehouse.co.uk/talesofthecity, goes beyond fashion, covering style, work, play and relationships and is in-house with weekly collaborators including photographers, stylists, illustrators, musicians and bloggers.

Features at launch include a piece from a travel blogger giving her “hotspots” in London and a columnist sharing her experience have five dates in five nights using dating app Tinder. It looks polished with amazing imagery which would not look out of place in Glamour or Grazia.

Of course, Warehouse isn’t the first retailer to add content of this nature to its website. Asos and Net-a-Porter paved the way and have made their website a fashion destination, not just to buy but to discover the latest trends, news and be entertained.

Fashion magazines pulling power with advertisers is built on engaging an audience that want to buy. Asos and Net-a-Porter have proven retailers can do it themselves.

Warehouse is wise to follow in their website and benefits from having a clear idea of who its urban, stylish customer is, to make sure the content is relevant and engaging to their likes.

Stewart says: “The digital world is enormous and if you’re going to win, you can’t rest on your laurels. You’ve got to be up there with the big boys who have the big budgets.”

Tales of the City is slick and engaging and will make sure Warehouse’s customers have a reason to visit the website more regularly.