Retailers are moving to a “good, better and best” model for online delivery, according to a new report on the subject from Snow Valley.

The study - which retailers can download for free for a short time - highlights how retailers are beginning to offer a “Basic” delivery service, that is either low-cost or free, to complement the two-tier standard and premium services many had already adopted.

The research also shows retailers have some way to go to the offer the level of delivery choice that customers would like.

Some 55% can now offer next-day delivery; but only 26% have a Saturday delivery option, and a mere 15% can handle either delivery on a nominated day or guaranteed AM/PM or before 10.30am delivery.

In addition, despite the many retailers declaring that they are opening up their sites to overseas consumers to buy in alternative currencies, Snow Valley found that 42% still have a strict UK-only delivery policy. However, it expects this position to change rapidly this year.

The ecommerce services provider has been analysing retailers’ online delivery services each year since 2005, and conducted its latest research testing the delivery services of more than 100 retailers in the Autumn of 2009.