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Getting to grips with 'the new normal' On demand


Panellists include:

  • Anthony Morris, director of data, analytics and insight, Dixons Carphone
  • Kyle Monk, head of insight and analytics, BRC
  • Andrea Auchterlonie, merchandise and operations executive, Columbus Consulting
  • Yonatan Olsha, director, Zebra Technologies

Getting to grips with ‘the new normal’: why data is the secret to dealing with the unplanned peak

The new era of retail created by Covid-19 is forcing retailers to operate more efficiently than ever before, meaning businesses must seek non-disruptive, innovative technology and data-led insights in response.

To achieve this efficiency and meet ever-changing shopper demand, increased visibility of consumer behaviour and stock availability has become essential for all areas of a retail business, from boardroom to stores and from fashion to DIY and grocery.

This RWRC virtual event, in partnership with Zebra, delved into how data can help retailers across the world acclimatise to the ‘new normal’.

Find out how businesses are planning for the new ecommerce. Joining the discussion were Dixons Carphone director of data, analytics, and insight Anthony Morris; Kyle Monk, head of insight and analytics, BRC; Andrea Auchterlonie, merchandise and operations executive, Columbus Consulting; and Zebra Technologies director Yonatan Olsha. This Retail Week and Zebra virtual event discussed:

  •  Leveraging data to inform decision making on how to allocate resources as well as inventory

  •  How to ensure on-shelf availability and stock accuracy amid unplanned peaks to keep customers happy

  •  Global case studies of brands utilising consumer data to their advantage

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