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Delivering an online Christmas Watch on demand


Panellists included:

  • Gary Grant, executive chair and founder, The Entertainer
  • Pahul Ahluwalia, head of ecommerce, Apricot
  • Duncan Licence, vice president of global product, Metapack

Retail has been operating at breakneck speed all year and the peak season could send that into overdrive.

Huge swathes shopped online during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and in the run-up to Christmas, desperate to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 by reducing the time they spend in physical stores.

During China’s Spring Festival, at the height of the outbreak in the East, etail giant Alibaba’s online supermarket Hema saw orders increase by 200% year on year, while rival JD.com’s grocery sales were up 470%. 

But even in a normal year, Christmas is difficult to deliver.

So, how will you handle the online surge and avoid a bottom-line hit, all without alienating customers through poor service?

Watch Delivering an online Christmas on demand, in association with Metapack, for your blueprint for success.

We are joined by a panel of leading retailers and experts including The Entertainer founder and executive chair Gary Grant, clothing retailer Apricot head of ecommerce Pahul Ahluwalia, and Metapack vice president of global product Duncan Licence. Together, we discuss:

  • Why dynamic delivery options and choice is critical in a crowded market
  • The importance of having a diverse carrier base
  • How to fulfil a spike in online orders, profitably
  • How to improve the entire delivery experience, from tracking to returns