Are attitudes to the older shopper in-line with reality?
British men in their 50s are living life as if they were still in their teenage years, according to a Mintel report.

The study, Selling to and Profiting from the Over 50s, shows that this section of the population is as likely to go to pop gigs as it is to attend classical music concerts. About 15 per cent are likely to see a pop band perform, and one in four men over 50 have downloaded music or videos over the internet.

In fashion, many men of a certain age prefer the informal styles of their teenage counterparts. Some 40 per cent of men in this age bracket wear jeans, compared with only 27 per cent of women. The report also found that although women discard denim much earlier than men, they are more likely to buy other fashionable clothes, with 18 per cent of women over 50 choosing to do so, compared with 8 per cent of men.