High street fashion chain New Look is to appear in the first product placement and advertiser-funded programme (AFP) on Channel 4.

The series, due to be shown on T4 in the summer, will celebrate the style of everyday girls up and down the UK.

Every week the show will focus on a different town in the UK, searching for the most stylish girls on the high street and culminating in a head-to-head catwalk competition between the two most stylish girls discovered by the presenters.

It is Channel 4’s first product placement deal since the laws on product placement in the UK were altered on February 28 this year, giving broadcasters the green light to charge brands to appear in shows.

As part of the deal, New Look will have its clothes featured in the show and on the catwalk - all of which would not have been possible before the relaxation of the rules around product placement. New Look will also receive branding within the programme’s title sequences.

“Working alongside Channel 4, we are creating pioneering entertainment which is a celebration of ‘real–time’ fashion as it’s lived on the high street,” said New Look chief marketing officer Nick Cross.

“This is a natural next step in how brands can engage their audiences in the most immediate, relevant and exciting way possible.”

The winning collection in each show will be decided by T4 viewers in a live vote. The weekly winner then goes through to a national final at the end of the series where the winner will get the opportunity to work as one of New Look’s stylists.