Figleaves will allow customers to pay for items in euros when it relaunches its web site at the beginning of next year.

The e-tailer is to create a new platform for its UK and US web sites, based on software from e-commerce specialist ATG.

The move to packaged software is significant for the retailer because it has run bespoke systems until now.

Figleaves online merchandising director Catherine Hall told Retail Week that the change was necessary if the retailer is to retain its market-leading position. She said: “We have held a nice position, but we have not moved forward as much as we wanted to and a lot of that is about having the right platform in place.”

She hinted that, once a euro version of the site is live, the company will consider launching sites in other languages, such as German or French, and the ATG suite will ensure that the company stays ahead of the curve.

The retailer went live with ATG Recommendations on its existing platform at the beginning of July. The system has enabled Figleaves to offer shoppers better recommendations on each product page.

Hall explained that, instead of only suggesting matching items, the site can now also suggest other products bought by customers who have also bought that item.

Once the platform is launched, Figleaves wants to segment customers, so that they view a more tailored version of its web site.

However, Hall said it is probably “unrealistic and unnecessary” to provide each customer with a unique experience and that the company does not want to serve content to customers based on one item they have bought that is not relevant.

Hall said the retailer needs to offer “edited choice” to customers, which could mean a reduction in the 40,000 SKUs sold at present.

In the past month, Figleaves has also launched a clearance site, which has been designed with Sales shopping in mind. Hall said that this will move to the ATG platform eventually, although it will still run as a separate site.