In a highly competitive marketplace, retailers need to differentiate themselves and stand out from their competitors.


Steve Deaville, Regional Director for Northern Europe, Pitney Bowes

Steve Deaville, Regional Director for Northern Europe, Pitney Bowes

The drive towards customer-centric communications has been a huge challenge but one that provides many opportunities to retailers. Consumers are changing, wishing to engage at different touchpoints in a way that suits their needs and lifestyles. The key to succeeding is to understand their requirements, predict their needs and communicate with timely and relevant messages.

To deliver this, retailers need to engage with each of their customers as individuals and to connect every customer communication – outbound, inbound, marketing, sales or service – into an ongoing dialogue where customer insight and understanding forms the basis for each and every interaction. The end result is that your customers, no matter  how or where the contact was made, always go away with the feeling that you know them, you understand them, you care for them and you value them. 

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) proven solutions can help retailers to develop lifetime value of their customer relationships through a suite of innovative and compelling capabilities that integrate data management, location intelligence, sophisticated predictive analytics, rules-based decision making and cross-channel customer interaction management.  

Together with PBBI, you can achieve more valuable and long-standing customer relationships built on trust, relevancy and outstanding customer experiences as well as delivering significant operational efficiencies for enhanced profitability and shareholder value.

Steve Deaville, Regional Director for Northern Europe, Pitney Bowes


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