The definitive guide to the multichannel strategies of the largest UK retailers.


The past decade has seen a transformation in the way that consumers in the UK transact with, and interact with, retailers. Obviously the internet has been at the heart of this, but having digested this change to the industry retailers now realise that the evolution will continue at some pace driven by customer demand.

Whether it’s setting up new channels, such as mobile commerce, or bridging channels to offer services such as click-and-collect or order in-store, retailers are finding the goal posts keep moving.

We’ve spoken with senior decision-makers in some of the UK’s biggest and most prominent retailers to understand what they really think will happen in the next year or so, what they will be prepared to invest in and how some of the fundamentals of their businesses will need to change to allow this. Their thoughts are extremely illuminating on the direction in which retail will move during 2011.

Joanna Perry, Retail Week

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New channels are changing the face of retailing, presenting huge opportunities and challenges to the sector. This report reveals where the UK’s most senior retailers think multichannel is heading and what they are doing about it.

Why Retailers need to read MULTICHANNELNOW

■ Read what high-level retailers think about the reality of multichannel and its impact on their staff, property, stock and supply chains
■ Understand why click-and-collect is set to be used as a weapon to help multichannel retailers gain market share
■ Learn whether major retailers think they can make money from m-commerce or social media
■ Compare your international e-commerce growth potential with your peers’

Why Suppliers need to read MULTICHANNELNOW

■ Gain first-hand understanding of the problems leading retailers face from their multichannel integration projects
■ Understand retailers’ enthusiasm to invest in multichannel systems
■ Be informed on the decisions retailers make on their store portfolios and supply chains, and where they should expand


Produced by Retail Week magazine and Retail Week Knowledge Bank - the leading authorities on UK retailing - this exclusive research report drills down into thereal issues facing retailers today, and has been informed by in-depth off-the-record interviews with 30 chief executives and boardlevel directors, drawn from the UK’s biggest retail brands