Moss Bros has installed a system from Retail Answers to its tills, to improve the flow of information between head office and stores.

The Rapid store management system has been rolled out to all 150 Moss Bros stores and provides a single point of communication.

Moss Bros selected the system for its task management and administration functionality, which will help stores plan and prioritise their actions.

The central store operations team will be able to ensure consistency across stores. Store staff will benefit from the streamlined administration and instant access to product, visual merchandising and procedure information, which should have a positive impact on customer service.

The system should save money by reducing paper, telephone, e-mail and fax communications.

Moss Bros retail operations manager Lucy Chandhial said: “[It] had all the functionality we were looking for and has integrated seamlessly into our store till environment. I’m sure we will find new applications and benefits of the system as the project progresses.”