MasterCard and Samsung have partnered on an integrated app that will enable customers to buy groceries directly from their refrigerators.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, MasterCard and Samsung unveiled a technology tie-up that will see Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator become a connected retail device.

Samsung’s refrigerator will have online shopping capabilities integrated into its door which shoppers can use to access a corresponding shopping app, called Groceries by MasterCard.

The connected refrigerator and app will allow consumers to create shopping lists before confirming purchases with a four-digit pin.

MasterCard Labs chief commercial officer Betty Devita said: “We’re developing compelling, safe and seamless commerce experiences for consumers across channels and devices as we continue to eliminate the boundaries between how we shop and how we pay.”

MasterCard and Samsung’s tie-up will launch in the US in May with grocery retail partners FreshDirect and ShopRite. Shoppers do not have to be MasterCard customers to use the service.

The Groceries by MasterCard app will also offer personalised suggestions on products and brands based on prior purchases, with recipe and video features to be rolled out within the year.