Marks & Spencer has rolled out contactless payment to 644 UK shops following a 25-store trial in London last year.

The retailer said it is now “the UK’s leading contactless retailer” and processes over 230,000 contactless transactions per week.

About one in seven M&S card transactions under £20 are now completed using contactless payment, and 25% of contactless payments are made at self-checkouts in food halls.

Marks & Spencer retail director Sacha Berendji said:“A contactless payment takes place in less than a second, creating a quicker, easier and more convenient shopping experience.

“Customers are already embracing these benefits and through our roll-out we’re ensuring our stores can cater for customers’ changing shopping habits.”

London accounts for the highest level of contactless transactions. At the Finsbury pavement shop one in three card transactions under £20 are made using contactless.