Ecommerce giant Shopify has unveiled what it calls its “most unified, most intuitive, most powerful platform yet” as part of its latest products and innovations showcase.


Shopify’s latest innovation aims to meet “the ever-changing demands of commerce”

The new summer ’24 edition features updated solutions to help merchants and consumers “reimagine” the unified commerce experience.

As part of the new edition, Shopify’s point of sale terminal has been updated to include applied discounts to a cart in store. Dubbed “combined discounts”, merchants can now add multiple order discounts, product or shipping deals to the cart all at once.

Shopify’s latest AI advancements means its Shopify Magic tool will instantly suggest personalised and intelligent recommendations for merchants’ product descriptions. 

This ensures all new products have accurate characteristics such as colour, size, style and material.

It has also rebuilt its analytics solutions to work “harder, smarter, faster” to provide merchants with insights in real time and answer frequent questions on issues such as week-on-week sales comparisons.

Suggested replies have also been introduced to provide shoppers with real-time answers to queries and boost sale conversions. This tool creates a pre-written, AI-generated response that merchants can review, edit and approve, to save time and help bring customers closer to a sale.

Shopfiy is enhancing its AI capabilities throughout the platform with new updates launching soon, including new features to its AI image generation.

Deann Evans, Shopify managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “The products we release each edition are developed to meet and exceed the needs of our merchants and the ever-changing demands of commerce from entrepreneur to enterprise and developer,” she said.

“This edition, Shopify is focusing on the details, refining each service and reimagining what a truly unified commerce experience looks like for merchants and their consumers.

“Shopify brings every aspect of commerce under one roof. It’s more than simply centralising and synchronising our products.

“We’re consolidating infrastructures, reducing inefficiencies and welding features together so that merchants can focus on growing their business and connecting with shoppers in a way that only a truly unified commerce platform can deliver.”