Burberry, Go Outdoors and Homebase have the best mobile websites while Multiyork and Prada are among the worst, according to a new report.

Burberry, Go Outdoors and Homebase were found to have the best m-commerce sites.

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Providing easy-to-use keyboards at checkout, stock check and geolocation options enhance the user experience, says Ampersand managing director Darryl Adie

The Mobile Retail Report, compiled by ecommerce agency Ampersand, ranked 158 retail mobile sites on criteria such as mobile-optimisation, page load speeds, where and how the store locator and opening hours were displayed, whether product zoom was available and ease of checkout.

Burberry emerged victorious as the luxury retailer demonstrated a deep understanding of how shoppers use mobile sites, said Ampersand managing director Darryl Adie.

“Giving shoppers the option to save the basket so that they can complete the purchase at a later date shows that they understand the on-the-go nature of mobile shopping and the interrupted aspect of the purchasing journey. Providing easy-to-use keyboards at checkout, stock check and geolocation options ensure that the shopper can get the best use of the mobile site and use it to enhance the overall shopping experience,” he said.

The Mobile Retail Report
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Go Outdoors




Jimmy Choo





F Hinds

House of Fraser

Hughes Electrical


Links of London



Benson for Beds 

Rowlands Pharmacy

Ampersand found that retailers were not doing enough to encourage sales through all channels via their mobile sites. Just 33% of the sites analysed had the ability to check stock in store.

Meanwhile, fewer than half of the sites used geolocation to help users find their nearest stores, almost a quarter positioned their store locater at the footer of their mobile site and nine retailers did not include a store locator at all.

Many retailers are still failing at the last hurdle – the checkout process, according to Ampersand. More than half failed to provide easy-to-use numerical keyboards.

Adie said: “Retailers need to understand how consumers use mobile as part of the shopping journey and what will influence the user to purchase – even if that purchase isn’t completed on a mobile.” Looking at mobile sales revenue in isolation isn’t a fair reflection of how mobile is used in the shopping journey. Retailers need to recognise this when developing their mobile commerce site”.