Leicester's shoplifter ban proves success

Retailers in Leicester have saved about£150,000 in lost stock following city centre banning orders on 100 shoplifters.

Figures have been released for the first time under an innovative CityWatch scheme, which slaps exclusion orders on people caught shoplifting or abusing shop staff.

If offenders are caught inside the shop again they are deemed to be trespassing and can be charged with burglary, and could face a prison sentence.

Offenders are photographed and their pictures circulated to stores signed up to CityWatch. Each participating shop displays a poster on its windows warning offenders they are banned from the store.

David Illingworth, manager of Fenwick's department store in the city, said: 'There has been a pleasing drop in the amount of lost stock since this scheme began. It is helping to keep offenders out of the main retail area.'