Leapingsalmon takes the plunge into Bluewater

Ready prepared meal kit retailer Leapingsalmon will open its first shopping mall store in Bluewater next month.

The Kent shop is also Leapingsalmon's first outside London, and one of approximately five new stores planned before Christmas.

Co-founder and managing director James Marshall said: 'It's an extension of our strategy to make Leapingsalmon more accessible.'

Leapingsalmon was launched in 1999 as a food delivery service, and kiosk stores were added in May of this year.

At present, there are five kiosks, all near to railway stations because of the high shopper traffic.

Leapingsalmon's meal kits include all the ingredients needed for a dinner dish - such as seared salmon with Asian guacamole - and come with cooking instructions. The menu changes weekly.