Laura Ashley has increased conversion rates by 11 per cent after making changes to its shopping-bag page.

It has worked with web content optimisation company Maxy-miser to implement real-time multi-variant testing to monitor how customers react to different approaches to layout and design.

The project has focused specifically on the web page that summarises which products customers have chosen before they proceed to checkout. The results of this testing helped it create and introduce the optimal layout.

The addition of product images alongside the list of items in the shopping bag, and changes to the presentation of the proceed button were tested against the original page in real time. The best performing page included thumbnail images of the contents of the shopping bag alongside a more prominently coloured proceed button than previously used.

A Laura Ashley spokesman said the testing provided statistical proof on the success of different features. “We were able to ensure that every change we made was directly impacting on the number of people completing the checkout process,”
he explained.

“To date, the content optimisation technology has delivered a significant conversion uplift of 11 per cent in the number of visitors proceeding to the checkout process, impacting on our bottom line and generating a return on investment several times Maxymiser’s fees.”

The retailer is now continuing its testing to improve conversion further. The spokesman said: “Following the initial testing Maxymiser is continuing to test on other pages within the checkout to optimise the whole process, ensuring an improved online shopping experience that also makes as efficient and effective at converting shoppers as possible.”