Land Securities is to roll out the digital elements trialled at its new Trinity Leeds scheme to the rest of its centres as it revealed it has attracted around 4 million shoppers to the development since opening in March.

Land Securities executive director Richard Akers told Retail Week: “We’re absolutely where we want to be in terms of sales and footfall [at Trinity].”

He added that 80,000 people are visiting Trinity Leeds every day and that feedback from retailers about trade had been “very positive”. However, he cautioned: “It’s early days, we have to be cautious.”

Akers said Land Securities would be rolling out digital elements trialled at Leeds including screens in the centre that can be used by retailers to target promotions at the Trinity shopper. It will also roll out websites for individual centres that will feature an embedded CRM system to enable retailers to personalise communication to shoppers.

“We’ve had great feedback on the digital front [at Trinity Leeds],” said Akers. “It’s a much more sophisticated way of helping retailers communicate with shoppers.

“We trialled these things at Leeds with a view to rolling them out to other centres.”

Akers could not say when the features would be rolled out to the rest of the estate, which include the White Rose Centre in Leeds. Land Securities was the first landlord to roll out free Wi-Fi to its centres last year.

He also added that Land Securities was looking into how click-and-collect “can be made easier”. “There’s the potential to put collection points in for retailers not in the centre to provide more choice,” he said.

Land Securities was the first shopping centrw in the UK to install Amazon Lockers when they launched in One New Change in 2011.

“We could extend that pick up to other pureplay retailers,” said Akers.

Akers was speaking as Land Securities revealed its full-year figures. It reported that voids in the like-for-like portfolio reduced to 2% from 2.8% in the year to March 31.