Administrators kept at bay for another week
Kwik Save has been granted another extension to secure new finance after its staff agreed to work unpaid for another week.

The Manchester High Court has given the discount chain until next Thursday to secure additional funds to safeguard its future. This is the fourth time the case has been adjourned in the past three weeks.

Yesterday, the case was adjourned until today, but the court said it must ask its staff if they would be prepared to work unpaid for another week.

Kwik Save presented to the court an informal canvass of some of their staff who were asked if they were prepared to work for another week without pay and a majority of those questioned said they were willing to forgo wages for a week to stave off administration.

Usdaw national officer Joanne McGuiness said: 'Usdaw is pleased that the judge made it clear he understood the extreme financial pressure our members are under and that he decided to consult them in this informal way, but we are aware that some stores were not asked for their opinions. But the reality remains that another adjournment won't remove the uncertainty for our members who were asked to make an almost impossible choice yesterday.'

Usdaw has a scheduled meeting with Kwik Save next Tuesday at which it said it will make it clear that it expects its members to be paid as the first priority if the court gives the go ahead for a rescue package.