Kookai aims for better fit with bigger UK sizes

Kookai is testing larger sizes in an effort to attract more UK shoppers.

The French brand's entire spring/summer collection is being tested in a size 16 in five UK stores, to gauge customer opinion. Previously, the clothing offer was only available up to a size 14.

The initiative is in response to the product constraints that the UK business, a franchise owned by Forminster, has suffered from parent company Kookai SA. Forminster managing director Michael Rahamim has complained that Kookai's ranges, which are designed by the French parent, are often not suitable for the UK market.

'We have had calls from customers asking why we don't do larger sizes. If the sales figures are good, we will expand it to other stores,' said a spokeswoman.

The larger sizes are available at Oxford Street, Bluewater, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Leeds stores. There are a total of 55 Kookai outlets in the UK.