John Lewis ads never fail to get people talking, and this year’s Christmas effort is no exception. Today’s launch has spawned the twitter hashtag ‘failed john lewis ads’, which tweeters have been using to gently mock the advert’s whimsical format by suggesting ideas that might not have made it into production.

John Lewis Christmas Ad

The retailer has put more effort than ever this year into making its Christmas ad an event, and it wouldn’t be money well spent if people weren’t taking notice in some way. This kind of discussion might not be strictly adhering to the corporate message, but it’s an example of advertising working well – ultimately, if people are talking and you’re not being directly criticised, it’s probably a good thing.

Here are a selection of the best:

‏@ajscroxton Four minutes eleven seconds of Eric Clapton and Angela Merkel staring at a dying clown. Music by Natalie Merchant. #failedJohnLewisads

‏@jayforeman A one-armed boy takes ten excruciating minutes to unwrap his present. It is an accordion. #failedjohnlewisads

@stebaxMan stood outside John Lewis, crying, because he can’t afford anything in there #failedjohnlewisads

@maxoleskerA cross-breed of a horse and a moth is released from a laboratory. It dies instantly, confused and in pain. #failedjohnlewisads

@Its_Death A boy opens his present. It is his own ennui sealed in amber. He learns of the futility of his own existence #FailedJohnLewisAds

@BrainmageIt is Christmas Day. A girl is given a snowglobe with a model of her house inside. She shakes it. The walls crumble. #failedjohnlewisads

@Sasooli A man sits atop a high-rise building holding a fishing rod and slowly lowering a bees’ nest towards the 34th floor. #failedjohnlewisads

@uisgebeathaA woman lies on the kitchen floor. She has malfunctioned trying to work out how to open a tin of chickpeas. #failedjohnlewisads