“Ipod” is the most searched-for brand term on the internet in the brown goods sector, generating 9% of all searches in a month.

The biggest generic search term within brown goods is on the search term ‘televisions’ which generated 13%, or 2.74 million searches, within a month.

The figures come from search marketing agency Greenlight, which has released research into how much online search activity there was on different search terms relating to brown goods in the run up to Christmas. The research has analysed what consumers were searching for using Google throughout November 2009.

In total, UK consumers performed 20.5 million searches on 940 relevant keywords in that period. Other popular keywords include “MP3 players”, “laptops” and “desktop PCs”.

Retailers who were most visible in the natural search results on these terms include Amazon, PC World, Currys, Argos, Tesco and Apple. However some non retailer websites also highly visible including Wikipedia and Moneysupermarket.com