War on Want secretary leads revolt
A small shareholder plans to force ethical trading standards onto the agenda at the Tesco AGM this year, according to the Guardian.

The request of War on Want company secretary Ben Birnberg has won the support of more than 100 shareholders, giving him six times the number of shares required under the Companies Act to force Tesco to put a resolution to the shareholders who are demanding higher standards, the paper reported.

Birnberg, a retired solicitor, wants to force the grocer to adopt higher standards in its dealings with suppliers and farmers in low-wage countries.

He had previously been knocked back by Tesco on the grounds that his request was 'not valid', forcing him to gain the support of a minimum of 100 shareholders with at least 2,000 shares each.

The resolution obliges Tesco to appoint independent auditors to ensure that workers in its supplier factories and farms are guaranteed 'decent working conditions, a living wage, job security' and the right to join a trade union of their choice.