The “please touch” ethos of German outdoor sports retailer Globetrotter aims to inspire wanderlust in even the most unadventurous of consumers.

Globetrotter, Cologne

The four storey retail destination in Cologne has a number of innovative features that allow visitors to try items before they buy and to find the best possible products for their needs.

These include a 240 square-metre pool in the basement where water sports enthusiasts can try-out canoes or even take a scuba diving lesson. There is also a cold room for testing skiing and mountaineering gear as well as a shower compartment for waterproof clothing. Simple technology is used to create an engaging extreme-weather experience.

The store has been designed to cater for all – from hardcore adventurers to families planning a camping trip. Dwell time is encouraged with different areas to explore, including two cafés and a restaurant. Some customers have even been allowed to camp in-store overnight.

There is also a travel agent and clinic section where customers can plan trips and get vaccination shots. A substantial portion of space has been given over to The North Face whose sponsored athletes and expeditions are showcased.

Shopper Insights:

This inspirational concept encourages consumers to spend time in-store dreaming about the great outdoors.

Brand take-away:

The opportunity to test products engenders a greater sense of trust.

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