International News - West Virginia is teed off with Abercrombie

US fashion chain Abercrombie & Fitch is under fire for a T-shirt slogan that appar-ently accuses West Virginians of incest.

The US$24.50 (£13.40) T-shirt, which reads 'It's all relative in West Virginia', was slammed by state governor Bob Wise as 'offensive'.

In a letter to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Wise urged A&F chairman Michael Jeffries to 'stop selling an item that denigrates the people of our state'.

The fashion retailer, which describes the item as a 'humour T-shirt', said in a statement: 'We love West Virginia ... Abercrombie & Fitch was born and raised in the US and we honour all 50 states.'

The T-shirt is not the first to poke fun at unwanted reputations garnered by some US places. In 2001, the mayor of Gary, Indiana, asked stores to stop selling a T-shirt supplied by one company emblazoned 'Scary Gary'.

The town is sometimes referred to as the murder capital of the US.