International News - Power cut costs Italian retailers EUR70m

Italy's blackout on Saturday night, which plunged the entire country into darkness, has cost food retailers an estimated EUR70 million (£48.9 million) in frozen food losses alone.

According to retail trade association Confcommercio, the power cut affected 70,000 fridges and freezers. Much of the chaos came on Sunday, when supermarkets and small food shops had to delay opening, costing them EUR23 million (£16.1 million) in lost business.

In Rome, an event organised by the city's council to promote the retail industry may have benefited fashion retailers.

Ironically dubbed La Notte Bianca (White Night), shops and restaurants were invited to stay open until dawn and public transport was free.

With the streets more packed than usual, fashion stores may have done good business until 3 am, when the power failed.