Time is running out to join scheme
Many retailers may still be unaware of electrical waste rules coming into force this summer, the BRC has warned.

Retailers have just three weeks left until the March 15 deadline to join an industry-wide scheme for the collection of used electrical equipment. If they fail to sign, they will face making their own arrangements.

BRC policy director Nigel Smith said: 'Major retailers have been aware for several years that these obligations were coming in and they have been actively involved in developing the industry-wide scheme. However, the real concern is the 100,000 or more smaller retailers who may not realise they are affected.

'The Distributor Take Back Scheme (DTS) is an easy and relatively cheap way out, but they don't have much time'.

The BRC is concerned that many retailers - especially small independents - do not realise that if they fail to join the scheme, they become wholly responsible for the transport of goods to a treatment plant, which could be costly.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations offer retailers two options. The first is to take full responsibility for all electrical returns from customers - from pick-up to storage and transportation - and all costs incurred in this process.

The second is participation in the DTS, which involves making a financial contribution before July this year, rather than offering a take-back service to customers.