Bookseller Waterstones is launching an advertising campaign for Amazon’s Kindle device.

The retailer decided to start selling the Kindle earlier this year and is now advertising the fact, with an emphasis on informing shoppers it is now available in Waterstones stores.

The slogans of the press and online ads include: “The new Kindle Fire is obviously a clever device. It’s found its way into our bookshops.”

Waterstones marketing director Ros Hines, said: “We know we raised some eyebrows when we announced this partnership.  But we have had a great response from our customers so far and this campaign is a light-hearted, wry way of announcing the arrival of the much anticipated new family of Kindles into our shops.”

The campaign is the second to be launched by Waterstones recently, with the first, which ran earlier this month, focusing on the benefits of bookstore shopping.