Oxford Street Christmas lights will be sponsored by Marmite this year, and will feature an interactive “love it or hate it” display.

Owned by Unilever, Marmite, the brand famous for its “love it or hate it” strap line, will show pictures of members of the public pulling love and hate expressions on a screen above Selfridges.

In the West End’s largest social media campaign, shoppers will be able to upload their pictures via an app featured on the Marmite website and then given an allotted time slot when their picture will be screened. A live stream of the screen will also be available for those people unable to make it to the shopping destination.

A bus shelter near Bond Street will be installed with a camera from November 26, enabling shoppers to take a photo, which will be uploaded to the screen within three minutes.

Marmite brand manager Joanne O’Riada said: “2012 has certainly been a great year for Britain – from the Queen’s Jubilee to unprecedented sporting achievements – so what better way to top it all off than giving everyone the chance to shine in this year’s Oxford Street Christmas lights.”

The Christmas light spectacle will run from Marble Arch to Poland Street for six weeks.

Around 40 million people are expected to visit the West End this Christmas.

Jace Tyrrell, director at New West End Company, which represents retailers in the West End, said: “With the largest social media campaign the West End has seen, Oxford Street lovers globally are being given a chance to be part of the world famous display.

“We think it’s great to be working with an iconic British brand readily available on Oxford Street.”