Facebook is seeking to develop closer partnerships with retailers to deliver personalised customer experiences on their websites.

Speaking at Internet Retailing 2011, Facebook’s head of commerce partnerships Gavin Sathianathan said he hoped to work more closely with retailers on a one to one basis to create bespoke products, as well as making it easier for retailers to develop their own tie-ins with the social network, such as like buttons on product pages.

Sathianathan said that Facebook was currently working with retailers to harness the power of the “like” button, enabling retailers to offer different pricing tiers based on users previous “likes” and predict future purchases.

He said that Facebook could collaborate with retailers to personalise the version of the retailer’s site that the customer sees. Retailers could deliver relevant content based on demographic information and feeding off what Sathianathan called the Facebook user’s “life story” – a history of their activity and interactions with retailers.