There has been a big leap in the number of UK retailers that are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) in the past year.

25% of merchants are fully compliant with the standard, up from 15% a year ago, according to payment service provider and consultancy The Logic Group.

Its latest research on the topic also shows that retailers’ attitudes towards compliance are changing. Although they view it more positively, almost all (98%) think that improving security in general is more important than meeting the standard.

When The Logic Group began surveying retailers on the subject in 2005, more than 30% expressed doubts about the benefits of compliance. In the latest report, the figure has dropped to 12%, and the rest said they perceive some benefits.

However, while the majority admit that reaching and maintaining the standard is beneficial to their businesses, the process is taking them much longer than they anticipated.

In 2008, 71% said that they were either fully compliant or would be compliant within 12 months. But a year on, the proportion of those who have achieved this stands at 25%.

The Logic Group chairman Gareth Wokes said: “The survey identified a growing disconnect between the time attributed to addressing the problem and the actual scope of the task. It is vital therefore that communication from the acquiring banks and card schemes is at a consistently high level to ensure that all parties remain engaged in the process.”