Retail news round-up on July 30, 2014: Amazon launches 3D-printing store, Co-op staff protest over in-store radio

Amazon launches 3D-printing products store

Amazon has launched the new 3D-printing store to offer customers a chance to print and design products from third-party sellers, The Drum reported. The website will allow shoppers to customise earrings, pendants, rings, bobble-head dolls and more, through an interface from which they can then select production choices such as the material, size, colour and style of selected items.

It will not print users’ own 3D designs but it is selling guides, parts and programmes enabling at-home 3D printing. The ‘Creative Expressions’ 3D printing section of the site will supply the demand for further personalisation on consumer goods.

Co-op staff launch protest over unsigned music on in-store radio 

Employees at Co-op stores have launched a supermarket radio protest campaign over the ‘terrible’ music, the Telegraph reported. Staff complain that they have no other option but to listen to unsigned musicians instead of chart music on its in-store radio station.