Retail news round-up on January 13, 2016: Tesco seeks The Great British Diversity Experiment project help to curb food waste and Amazon to buy 75% of France's Colis Prive.

Tesco turns to The Great British Diversity Experiment to curb food waste

Tesco is looking to tackle the problem of food waste at its stores and in the homes of its shoppers with the help of The Great British Diversity Experiment initiative that launched on January 11 at Google's London headquarters.

Through the experiment, the grocer will provide alternative ways to reduce the amount of food waste in the UK with the assistance of over 120 volunteers associated with the project.

Tesco’s digital marketing director Toby Horry said, “The answer to the food wastage issue is partly a communication challenge, partly a behavioural change. He says solutions must be focused on ease of implementation, habitual usage, and minimal effort by consumers.

Amazon poised to acquire rest of Colis Prive

E-tailer Amazon is set to snap up the remaining 75% stake in French package-delivery firm Colis Prive sometime in the first quarter, according to The Seattle Times.

This move would pave the way for a direct competition with long-time partners such as United Parcel Service, FedEx and DHL.

The acquisition is also tipped to be biggest step yet that the online retailer has taken to move into the business of delivering packages for others, as well as itself.

A spokesperson told the French newspaper Le Figaro last year that the deal to acquire the rest of the company will close early this year.

Colis Privé is to continue offering package delivery for all customers, not just Amazon, according to the unidentified spokesperson.