Retail news round-up on February 10, 2016: Sunday trading shake-up, Burberry files lawsuit against JC Penney and The Body Shop's ethical vows.

Sunday trading shake-up faces threat in House of Commons

The Government’s plans to shake-up the rules around Sunday trading, which will allow shops more than 3,000 sq ft to open beyond the current limit of six hours, is facing a threat from an ‘unholy alliance’ in the House of Commons.

The Tory MP for Enfield Southgate, David Burrowes, issued the threat claiming over 20 Tory MPs have opposed the move to relax Sunday trading laws.

Burrowes also said they would “enter into what we call an unholy cross-party alliance with the SNP, Labour and anyone else from any party who wants to join us”.

Despite facing political opposition, the Government is pressing ahead with the overhaul.

Burberry accuses JC Penney of infringing on signature ‘check’ pattern

Burberry has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in the US against JC Penney for copying its famous ‘Burberry check’ pattern by selling exact copies of its designs.

In its complaint filed in a district court in Manhattan, the luxury fashion label has alleged that the US retailer illegally sold "quilted jackets" with the pattern, as well as "scarf coats" in which scarves carrying the pattern were sold with matching coats.

The lawsuit seeks a halt to further infringements, plus either triple damages, the disgorgement of illegal profit, or up to $2m (£1.4m) for each infringed trademark.

The Body Shop unveils new ethical pledges

The Body Shop is poised to launch a series of commitments under the banner ‘Enrich Not Exploit’.

The move comes as the beauty and skincare brand looks to win back the most ethical high street store title.

The company’s chief executive, Jeremy Schwartz, said The Body Shop plans to make its plastic packaging from a process that uses greenhouse gases, rather than oil.

Schwartz said he wants to double trade with smaller communities as well as replant 807 million sq ft of forests.