Retail news round-up on January 20, 2016: "Sports Direct abused court processes" and high street retailers charge women double.

‘Sports Direct abused court processes during High Court dispute’

Justice Peter Smith has said that Sports Direct abused court processes during a High Court dispute with Rangers.

He said the firm had initially claimed £200, 000 damages, about which he was "extremely suspicious". The damages claim were later reduced to £50,000.

The judge added: "The whole way that the claimants have been conducting themselves ... shows that they have been abusing processes of the court in relation to the damages claim.”

Justice Smith is set to analyse the claim of Sports Direct at a High Court trial in February.

High street retailers charge women double

British high street retailers are reportedly charging women up to twice as much more than men for products.

A probe by The Times analysed products, including clothes, toys and personal care items.

The report found that Tesco, Boots, Argos and Amazon were among the brands allegedly adhering to such sexist pricing of products.