Value home retailer The Range has unveiled plans for new purpose-built headquarters in its home town, Plymouth.

As well as the company’s new head office, the development on a former Ministry of Defence site would host a new superstore.

The retailer said the move will result in the creation of 570 jobs across a number of departments.

Its current headquarters in Estover has space for 250 employees, but the purpose-built site would be large enough for up to 700.

The new superstore will provide 120 jobs and includes a garden centre and café.

Homegrown business

The Range founder and owner, Chris Dawson, said: “It was always very important for me to keep our head office operations in our home city and the place that The Range started.

“I have staff that have worked for the company for over 20 years so having a new office built just down the road from the current office is a big deal to all of us.

“Having the new superstore next to our head office also means that it can be used as a training academy and centre of excellence so that Range staff from across the UK can some down to Plymouth and be trained to the highest standards.”

Plymouth was the location for The Range’s first store that opened in 1989, trading as CDS (Chris Dawson Superstores).

The retailer now trades from 130 sites across the UK, and has made a recent push into more town centre and high street locations.

It is aiming for a store footprint of 600 stores.

The development will be located on the former Seaton Barracks site, where Waitrose had planned to build a store, but abandoned the idea earlier this year.