Staff at Wickes owner Travis Perkins will share a £17m windfall after a Sharesave scheme matured

It means that the company, which owns retailer Wickes, could pay out as much as £62,000 for members of staff who have been part of the ‘Save as you Earn’ scheme for five years and contributed £250 a month to the scheme. Travis Perkins’ share price has grown 50% in the past 12 months.

More than 7,000 staff who are part of the scheme will benefit.

Travis Perkins group HR director Carol Kavanagh said: “Our employees are vital to the success of each business in the Group, and the scheme is a great way for our employees to share in the Group’s success by being rewarded for their contribution.

“Employees who’ve contributed £250 a month into our 2008 five-year scheme now have a total investment worth over £62,000 (at today’s share price), which is a great way to save for the future and certainly delivers a very nice windfall for those who’ve invested in the scheme.”