Ikea has chosen to only award statutory sick pay to unvaccinated employees who have to self-isolate due to having close contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

Exterior of Ikea store with a young family walking past, including a child on an adult's shoulders

Unvaccinated workers for the furniture retailer will now only be eligible for statutory sick pay of £96.35 a week during their 10-day isolation period, compared with full sick pay, which averages at £400 per week before tax for someone on the shop floor.

Ikea said that managers will, however, be able to make exceptions for specific mitigating circumstances.

Morrisons has taken the same stance against offering full pay for isolating unvaccinated workers. Both Morrisons and Ikea introduced these measures in September last year, but the news has only just been widely reported, with other businesses such as Wessex Water now following suit.

By law, fully vaccinated people who come into close contact with someone with Covid-19 no longer have to self-isolate, but those that are unvaccinated must still do so.

The retailers’ policy comes as absences due to Covid-19 reach an all-time high.

An Ikea spokesperson said: “We appreciate that this is an emotive topic and all circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, anyone in doubt or concerned about their situation is encouraged to speak to their manager.”

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