Homebase has signed a three-year contract with data firm Sky IQ to help the retailer better understand the impact of its TV advertising.

It will use the software to drive sales through improved knowledge of the purchasing and TV viewing behavior of its customers.

By merging TV data with loyalty data from the Nectar scheme, Homebase will glean information about the reach of its TV campaigns. It will also find out which customers purchased after seeing an advert, the top performing programmes for the retailer’s target audience segments, and how many times an audience views an advert before responding.

The retailer has already completed a pilot with Sky IQ, the data arm of broadcaster BSkyB, that found people are more likely to shop with Homebase if they have seen a Homebase advert. It also found that 39% of Homebase customers are also Sky subscribers.

In the future, the data will help improve Homebase’s overall direct marketing performance by better integrating it with TV advertising campaigns. This will include understanding which audiences are most responsive to TV and ensuring those that are less receptive are better communicated with through other channels.

Homebase marketing director Jo Kenrick said: “Our new advertising campaign has been well received by customers, but it is vital to ensure the media budget behind it is effectively deployed. We want to reach those customers who are most responsive and likely to shop. Sky IQ enables us to do just that and we are very excited to combine what we know from Nectar data with new information that will help us be more relevant to home enhancers.”