Vision Express launched its new “innovative” TV ad last night as the retailer seeks to celebrate glasses as stylish fashion accessories.

The optical retailer’s 30-second ad aired within Coronation Street at 7.45pm. The ad, which runs for the month of March, is supported by a 10-second version.

It depicts a series of people wearing glasses, carrying out various activities such as ballroom dancing and going to the cinema. Heston Blumenthal, the retailer’s brand ambassador, also has a cameo in the ad, which promotes the range of designers and exclusive frames the retailer stocks.

Vision Express marketing director Andy Portsmouth said the advert, which was created by marketing agency Dare, is very different from its previous TV ads and other adverts in the optical market due to the way the camera is used as it focuses on the actors’ faces.

Portsmouth said: “It’s a very innovative filming technique. It’s a celebration of wearing glasses rather than taking the mickey. We want to say you can wear glasses and still look stylish. Glasses don’t diminish the way you look.”

He added that the retailer wanted to use the new TV ad to ensure it stayed relevant in a market which has a long repurchase period as customers tend to buy a new pair of glasses every two-and-a-half years.

Vision Express