Health and beauty group Superdrug is to launch a £9.99 high street version of a luxury product more typically sold for £225.

The retailer’s Optimum overnight skin renewal serum will debut in October and uses the fruit of the rare Swiss apple tree, Uttwiler Spatlauber, traditionally used in skin creams sold by exclusive cosmetics companies.

Superdrug own-brand director Andrew Groom told the Daily Mail: “Why should the way you look be defined by the depth of your pockets?

“In today’s economic climate customers are getting savvier in their skincare shopping. Why spend £200 on a jar when you can buy the exact same ingredient for a tenner?

“In our product customers are paying for the ingredient, not glossy advertising, photographs of an airbrushed supermodel or fancy packaging.”

The price of Superdrug’s product will rise to £14.99 at the end of October.